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ChemSpec enters exclusive distribution agreement with new manufacturer, Zinc Oxide, LLC

April 28, 2014

ChemSpec Ltd. is pleased to announce its entry into an exclusive distribution agreement with Zinc Oxide, LLC(“ZNO”)—North America’s newest zinc oxide manufacturer. ZNO, using the French Press method, produces high-quality zinc oxide materials from high grade and special high grade zinc metal, as well as from recycled zinc.

ChemSpec will distribute ZNO’s products regionally into the Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania rubber compounding markets.  ChemSpec will concentrate primarily on accounts purchasing less-than-truckload (“LTL”) volumes.   ChemSpec does currently distribute an active grade zinc oxide material (Zinc Oxide HT-Active), and feels that this active product will nicely complement ZNO’s zinc oxide line.

ChemSpec is an Ohio-based specialty chemical and polymer distributor, who sells product primarily into the rubber, adhesive / sealant, plastic, and ink markets. ChemSpec’s product line entails synthetic polymers, such as polyisoprene and various molecular weights of polyisobutylene; and polymer additives, such as silane coupling agents, various waxes, calcium products, magnesium products, blowing agents, process aids, accelerators, plasticizers, adhesive tackifiers, dithiocarbamates, antioxidants, and insoluble sulfur.

For more information, please contact Chris Wagner (email:, Mobile: (330) 958-4316) or your respective ChemSpec sales representative.  Or you may visit us at

ZnO Press release, 3.29.14


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