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ChemSpec Connects with Business Partners through Football

As many close to the company already know, ChemSpec’s philosophy is really summed-up in one word: Relationships. Whether it’s a supplier / vendor, customer, or internally amongst employees, we think it pivotal to continually work on trust and communication between one another.

That said, we spend A LOT of time trying to think of better ways to do this, such as

Sales Team at a ROPES Course for team building (Mar. 2014)

Sales Team at a ROPES Course for team building (Mar. 2014)

team building activities (so-called experiential learning—see pic to the right of Sales Team on a R.O.P.E.S. course, early Spring, 2014), trade shows, face-to-face visits, golfing, group Christmas carols or other events.  One of the “other events” we began focusing a lot of resources and time on is National Football League (NFL) and collegiate football games (primarily “The Ohio State University”).

We’ve found, especially since the Browns are playing well this year … so far, that taking customers and foreign suppliers to these events, offers us an opportunity to develop a stronger bond outside the confines of the office.

Check-out some of the below images from these games, and if you’re a football fan, let us know!

ChemSpec employee Chris Wagner's son, Isaac (Lft.) and his best friend, Liam (Rt.), Brown's pre-game, Oct. 2014

ChemSpec employee Chris Wagner’s son, Isaac (Lft.) and his best friend, Liam (Rt.), Brown’s pre-game, Oct. 2014

Harry & PR Hull from Polymer Valley, at a Buckeyes Game with Dave & Kris Moreland (Sep. 2014)

Harry & PR Hull from Polymer Valley, at a Buckeyes Game with Dave & Kris Moreland (Sep. 2014)

President Dave Moreland, and his wife, Kris (Brown's game, Oct. 2014)

President Dave Moreland, and his wife, Kris (Brown’s game, Oct. 2014)

Preferred Rubber's Mike Magno (middle lft) and Keith Holcomb (middle rt.), taking-in a Brown's Game with ChemSpec's Dave & Luc Moreland

Preferred Compounding’s Mike Magno (middle lft) and Keith Holcomb (middle rt.), taking-in a Brown’s Game with ChemSpec’s Dave & Luc Moreland (Oct. 2014)


ChemSpec hopes to see you at the Nashville IEC this week!

The ChemSpec Team will be at the International Elastomer Conference this week in Nashville.  We’ll be sitting at 2 of our partners’ booths:  Muench Chemie’s Booth (#209), and Zinc Oxide LLC’s booth (#1102).  Stop by and see us.

Also, you’re officially invited to our Annual IEC Party at Legend’s Corner, where this year we’re celebrating Nick Incarnato’s career and wish him well in retirement (see the below invitation)

We hope to see you there!


ChemSpec Polymer Additives Invitation to Party at the IEC (10.14.14)


On September 18th 2014, Kris Moreland of the ChemSpec team attended the Junior Livestock Sale at the Tuscarawas County fair. ChemSpec Polymer Additives purchased three hogs raised by youth members of the Tuscarawas County 4H. Drew Lautzenheiser, Mason Elliott, and Kayla Scott raised and showed the three hogs that were purchased at the auction. After the hogs are processed, ChemSpec has made arrangements for all three of the hogs to be sent to the Homeless Shelter of Tuscarawas County.


ARPM’s most recent blog entry: Putting too much CaO in your rubber mix?

Check-out ARPM’s most recent blog entry regarding CaO applications in rubber compounding here:

ChemSpec Foresees Price Increases for Zinc-Based Products Due to Rising Costs of Zinc on LME

By Chris Wagner, Marketing Manager

In an our continual efforts to help our customers understand changing market conditions, we are posting this entry as it concerns notices we are receiving about the rising costs of zinc in the marketplace over past several months.

Enclosed is a chart showing how the price of zinc has increased over the past two years on the London Metal Exchange (LME).  Zinc’s outlook has been boosted due to heavy demand in industrial applications, and because of several mine closures slated for both this year and next. In addition, LME-monitored warehouse inventories have decreased 20% since early spring, 2014.  This is important because it will increase ChemSpec’s pricing on our zinc-based products, beginning this month and potentially for the considerable future. The following product prices will likely be impacted due to these rising costs:

Zinc Borate 2335
Zinc Oxide CR-4
Zinc Oxide HT-10
Zinc Oxide HT-2C
Zinc Oxide HTA
Zinc Oxide HTR
ZnO Grade 400
ZnO Grade 500
ZnO Grade 800
ZnO Grade 800H
ZnO Grade 800HSA
ZnO Grade 800L

And although we have not yet seen rising prices related to all of these products, we anticipate in the near future to receive price increases, and in turn, we will be forced to pass these costs along to our customers.

Additionally, many of you who use standard grade ZnO, which is an equivalent to our new supplier ZINC OXIDE LLC’s products, have voiced that your ZnO prices have remained relatively steady over the last 12-24 months.  ChemSpec advises you to now begin continually checking on pricing from your other ZnO suppliers, as many of these suppliers have likely been selling-off inventory over the last several months that do not reflect the above price shifts.  But once these suppliers begin to bring-in fresh zinc-based product, they will be forced to increase their sale price(s).

ChemSpec will continue to track rising zinc prices, and will make every effort to inform you as soon as possible on product price changes.  I ask that you not hesitate to contact us with any concerns you may have with these potential price increases, and please feel free to continually monitor zinc pricing changes with ChemSpec moving forward.


LME Zinc Chart, July 2014

Technical Rep. Mariniello scheduled to present on ChemSpec’s metal oxides at Southern Rubber Group’s 2014 Summer Meetings

Anthony Mariniello will be providing a technical presentation on ChemSpec’s calcium and zinc oxide product lines, and their respective applications in rubber compounding / mixing.  This presentation will occur at the Southern Rubber Group’s (“SRG”) Summer Technical Meetings, occurring during the week of June 9th, 2014, at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Anthony is a Product Specialist and Key Account Development Manager at ChemSpec.  He has a substantial background in the production and use of metal oxides / hydroxides.  Anthony holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Bucknell University, and also an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University.

The SRG is a sub-division of the American Chemical Society’s Rubber Division.  The SRG’s membership is concentrated in the southeastern region of the U.S., and focus directly, or indirectly, in the production of technical rubber products in the Southeastern U.S.

For more information on Anthony, metal oxides or other ChemSpec products, feel free to contact us by visiting our website at


Anthony Mariniello

Wagner Appointed to Board of Directors for Assoc. of Rubber Products Manufacturers

ChemSpec is pleased to announce that Sales Coordinator and General Counsel, Chris Wagner, has been appointed to the Board of Directors for the Association of Rubber Products Manufacturers (“ARPM”).

Chris acts as ChemSpec’s sales coordinator and marketing director, and also as an actively licensed attorney, he is the company’s legal adviser.  Chris also supports the company, its suppliers and customers, on various regulatory matters.

ARPM was established in October of 2010 after elastomer products company executives belonging to the RMA mutually agreed that a stand-alone association was needed.

Created for the purpose of aiding rubber products manufacturing executives in leading more successful enterprises, ARPM’s core mission has been designed to provide waste reduction, benchmarking, networking, international management of product standards, and educational opportunities to its member executives.   As the only national association for rubber products companies, ARPM members range in size from small manufacturing producers to multi-billion dollar conglomerates.

For more information on ARPM’s benefits or joining the organization, feel free to reach-out to Chris, or visit ARPM’s website:

Chris Wagner

Chris Wagner