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ChemSpec Announces Distribution of Its New Line of Insoluble Sulfur

October 2, 2013

by Chris Wagner, ChemSpec Sales Coordinator

ChemSpec is pleased to announce two new insoluble sulfur products it is now distributing on behalf of Oriental Carbon & Chemical, Ltd (“OCCL”).  The products are DS OT 20 (HD) and DS OT 20 (HS) [the Specific Gravity & Bulk Density of both are (at 30°C) 1.58 ± 0.05, and (g/L) 400 to 650, respectively]. These products typically come in 25-Kg. bag packaging.

ChemSpec’s principle, OCCL, an Indian company, is one of the global market leaders in the production of Insoluble Sulfur for the Tire and Rubber industry, both in terms of quality as well as quantity. OCCL’s production capacity presently stands at 22,000 Mt per annum (with new capacities slated to be added in near future).  OCCL’s commitment to quality is illustrated by its ISO 9001-2000 and EMS 14001-2004 Certifications.  OCCL’s insoluble sulfur is internationally approved by the major tire manufacturers.

Insoluble sulfur, an amorphous form of sulfur, and made from the heat-polymerizing of sulfur, is a macromolecule polymer.  It is a critical rubber additive, and improves product quality, wearability and resistance.  Recognized across the industry as likely the best vulcanizing agent due to its “vulcanization speed,” it is used in both the manufacturing of radial and synthetic rubbers, such as these products: tires, automobile parts, rubber piping, cable and wire, shoe materials, latex, and belt tires.

Insoluble sulfur also tends to disperse uniformly in rubber, so it can prevent the conglomeration of sulfur, and reduces the tendency of scorching during store.  It is also used to prevent “blooming.”


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