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Our Customer Service Manager’s take on ChemSpec and She Welcomes Her New Employee

May 1, 2013

By Teresa Carney, Customer Service Manager

Hi everyone, I am the Customer Service Manager here at ChemSpec.  I’ve been employed with ChemSpec Ltd. since Day 1, and even before:  I will be celebrating my 15 years with Dave and the team this summer.  It has been a great experience, with business and in making long lasting friends who I consider my family.  Rich (our CFO) and I have been working together since the start.  We were hired the same month!   It’s remains an honor to be beside him, to watch our business bloom, and be a part of that growth.

In some ways it has been crazy to handle all of the customer service here.  Some of you I know only by voice, some only by email; working with many of our customers for years and enjoying what I do are big accomplishments.  I like to pride myself on the job I do for ChemSpec, and I work hard to know that all of our customers are happy.

We have witnessed incredible growth in the number of customers and orders (especially in the past 4 years). Through 2009, we averaged 427 per quarter, but in 2012, we tallied 763 orders per quarter. At the same time, the number of customers has increased over 61% from less than 100 in 2009, to over 160 currently.

Accordingly, because this business has been such a success, it is now time for us to help prepare for the future: we recently hired a customer service assistant, Elizabeth Walker.   Working by myself for so many years, it has been hard to let go of some of the everyday hands on things that I enjoy doing for our customers, but in order to continue giving you the same high quality service you are used to, we felt hiring an assistant will enhance the customer service experience.

Elizabeth, the newest member of Team ChemSpec, comes to us from Summit Racing, where she worked in customer relations for the past two years. She is a graduate of Mogadore High School and has completed 2 years of course work at Mount Union College. She is married to Jon Walker and lives in Mogadore.  I cannot wait to teach her the trade—very exciting for me personally!

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason!  Best to everyone!



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