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ChemSpec’s Product Portfolio Entails Several Flexsys Rubber Chemical Products

February 18, 2013

As the sole distributor into North America for Performance Additives, ChemSpec sells multiple products that fall under the Flexsys  trade name.  In 2011, Performance Additives acquired the DTC (Dithiocarbamate) and TBzTD (Tetrabenzyl thiuramdisulfide) businesses from Solutia, Inc., which held the Flexsys trade name (also, included in the acquisition was a state of the art manufacturing plant in Italy).

 Some of our Flexsys products are the following:

  • Perkacit ZDBC;
  • Perkacit ZDMC;
  • Perkacit ZDEC;
  • Perkacit TDEC;
  • Perkacit NDBC;
  • Perkacit ZBEC; and
  • Perkacit TBzTD.

 Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales representatives with any additional questions or for any informational materials related to these products.


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