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ChemSpec, Ltd. adds new product lines

April 10, 2012

ChemSpec, Ltd. recently became the exclusive distributor for Jianghan Fine Chemicals (JHSi) in the North American markets. JHSi is a leading manufacturer of Silane Coupling Agents worldwide. Silane coupling agents are often used in mineral-filled rubber compounds to increase modulus, improve abrasion, lower hysteresis, and improve compression set. Rubber products that can benefit from the addition of Silane Coupling Agents include tires, wire, cable, footwear, and other high dynamic rubber parts. Other market applications include: Silicone Rubber, Thermaplastics, Fiberglass, Paints and Sealants.

ChemSpec has also added the Auserpolimeri product line of Polymeric coupling agents for use in Wood Plastic Composites. The Linewood products are high molecular weight Polyolefins modified with Maleic Anhydride. Linewood products act like a bridge between base polymers and wood fibers, resulting in very efficient coupling and improved mechanical properties, including higher Tensile and flexural strength.


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